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Amazon History
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Amazon History---Norways first ladies team.

Early in 1970 a number girls football was a sensation.

According to old press cuttings the first and foremost country womens football club in Grimstad in May 1970. 25 enthuastic girls in "russe alder" trained 2 times a week for a debut at levermyr stadium under the Grimstad festival the same summer. Some Private idea and chief trainer "Roy Sørskott an old friend organizer the levermyr days and drove strength back grimstads aldults success some the sommertown forward some.

Football History

It is not always so great to be first, the problem was now to find teams to play with courage. Economy had put a stop to get to invitations from teams outside the foreign countries, but to stop success it to get ski girls from BUL in Oslo to (quiet/still) a game. The referees were blown on the game in start then 12th July 1970 was 5000 spectators were present and saw grimstad girls write fotball history. The games first goal was scored by a amazon player some immediately after great names like "Grimstads Blonde pele". That’s Bul lost 4-2 took not the meeting from the amazon girls.