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Grand Canaria
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100_0012_2.jpg (58513 bytes) Me and my sister Dona went on holiday to Gran Canaria on March 2nd 2004 for 7 days. First we went to the beach at Maspalomas.

Here I am (left) hugging a canarian waiter in drag!!!!

100_0013_2.jpg (58676 bytes) Here I am (left) next to the canarian waiter (centre) and Dona (right) !!!!
114_1494.jpg (51748 bytes) At the time of our arrival there happen to be the celebration of the gay festival. We went to the carnival and saw lots of men in drag!

Here is a typical man in drag!!! Pretty don't you think!!!

100_0029_2.jpg (60836 bytes) The next day we went on a jeep safari of the island. The sun was shining but it was very cold. The island is a couple of degrees colder in the north than in the south. (Useful trivia)

Here is a picture of the northside of the island...

100_0026_2.jpg (59653 bytes) Here I am next to a girl called Linda. She was really nice.

It was a little bit windy in the back of the jeep.. great smile hey!!


100_0036.jpg (65302 bytes) Ah here we are returning from the trip... I think I have a tan?
114_1500.jpg (36770 bytes) The next day it was our birthday. So we decided to go sports fishing. We were picked up and driven to a small town called Puerto rico. Great place..

Some guy caught this small shark... We both happened to be leaning over the side of the boat throwing up....I think i may have fed it.

100_0028.jpg (50670 bytes) Ahhh....Back on dry land!!!!

Now we are 28!

Dona is in the centre of Las Palmas. We are going to have a typical spanish dish called the Paella...

100_0033.jpg (56406 bytes) Hmm . 

Well now we are 28. A little older a little less wiser. Oh well I guess that drink has gone to my head....