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Hi whether you play or watch football, you will have different ambitions for your team. It may be to win the league and/or cup or just simply to avoid relegation.  Make football one of your favourite hobbies...

I am currently playing football for a team called Amazon Grimstad in Norway. Here is a team photo......
Feel free to look at some of the links (left)

      From left to right                         Teamphoto1.jpg (76571 bytes)
Arve, Me laughing!!!! (22 Una Nwajei), 6 Hilde Furuborg, 9 Dagny Knutson, 24 Anette Githmark, 13 Randi Olsbu, 8 Line Morvik, Roald Eriksen
21 Stine Sannæss, 5 Lise Eikås Dahl, 10 Tone Merete Linden, 4 Linda Lauvrak, 19 Ann-Malen Strømme, 15 Maureen Mmadu
1 Lisbeth Hausland, 20 Turid B Vaule, 23 Katrine Terjesen, 18 Siv Anita Gundersen, Lene Torbjørnsen.

Not in the photo above but definetely worth a mention until i find pictures of them:
11 Margunn Haugenes, Linda Elingsen, 12 Karoline Sævareid